Biodiversity Research

Biodiversity Research

Plant research:
We have a summary report about the fauna status which indicates that, there is a strong disastrous realization and negative thinking that ecological systems can not be restored once they are devastated by human activities rather it should be a fundamental element to conserve, protect and maintain them that is why Stephen has been standing out being hosted to various countries like Kenya- brackenhurst botanical garden hosted by mark Nicolson, peru- lima, forecological restoration funded by Botanical gardens conservation international(BGCI,ERA, UNESCO and so many others for botanical, climate, geographical resources, birdlife and environmental science workshops where he attained awards and documents which describes him as the best competent participant in fields with a highest degree of integrity and knowledge in botanical. he adds, according to research 2493 plant spp are critically endangered, 3654spp are endangered, 5430spp are vulnerable, 1851 are near threatened.

Least concern 6645spp, Stephen has an identified demonstration gardens of medicinal plants, vegetables, herbs n spices where you can have a free guided tour before or after arranging trip with the company. Accommodation can be provided at the site for a night if you have arrived at the office late but a traditional meal will be paid for if asked by the clients. Then later we will take you to respective areas where your interest could be as far as nature and wildlife is concerned.


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