Rwenzori Trekking

Rwenzori Trekking

Rwenzori treking service- Climb Margherita peak the Africa'S third highest peak and experience a spectacular majestic sceneries right from Kilembe trail. the diverse botany of various spp habours a number of bird spp,primates as well as chimps. Climbing the peak for 8days involves eight hotspots as shown below;

We drive to the trekkers and sleep at sine hut kalalama camp walking up through montane forests while encountering mammals and enock's falls.
Day 2
we start at 8:30am and pass through heather rapanea where you can take a rest and have snacks this is done before mutinda camp after seeing usnea lichen(green moss)
We say hello to the community at bugata camp and cross namusangi falls
We take bamwanjarra pass after bugata camp and continue for the remaining 4days to the 8th day at kiharo camp to the park then later after the margherita climbing activity you will determine wheather you will proceed to other destinations with Nature&wildlife tours or takeflights back to kampala.

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